Update from Administrator – 4/27/20

Update from Administrator – 4/27/20

I hope this finds you all safe and healthy.

We wanted to take this opportunity to offer you an update on the state of care here at Middlesex Health Care Center. This pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time, and we are working every day to ensure that we provide the safest possible care for our patients. At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we initiated a series of protections aimed at mitigating the threat of coronavirus at our center.  These included restricting visitors to our buildings, dramatically increasing the cleaning and infection control measures, taking the temperature of anyone who entered the center, and increasing the monitoring of all residents at every shift. We conveyed this in email messages and conference calls/video calls to be as transparent as possible, given the state directed visitor restrictions in place.

As you know, this virus has impacted nursing homes at a disproportionately high rate.  In Connecticut, patients and staff have tested positive in more than half of the nursing homes in the state.

Sadly, Middlesex Health Care Center has had patients test positive for COVID-19.  We are devastated that patients in our care have contracted this virus. We are doing all we can to treat them and our thoughts are with those patients afflicted with this virus and their loved ones.

We also continue to do all we can to protect our other residents. We are conducting cleanings and infection control measures multiple times per day, with extra care on high touch areas. We are limiting the number of staff going into resident rooms to only direct care staff. And we are monitoring our personal protective equipment – and request additional equipment from the state – to ensure our staff has the protection they need to keep them and residents safe.

We are in daily touch with the Department of Public Health and our local Health Department. We also are following all CDC and state guidelines, and receive regular updates on new guidelines that are offered. This information is shared with our staff and additional training is continually taking place.

We understand how difficult this situation is and how isolated you must feel from your loved one. Our team wants you to know we are doing all we can to keep our residents healthy and safe.

Our commitment is to be as transparent as possible and work to address any issues that arise. This is an incredibly challenging time and we will continue to do all we can to get through this, together.

Thank you.

Middlesex Health Care Center


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